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357th FS "Dragons"

"Et ignem in te"

Recruitment is OPEN

357th Fighter Squadron, nicknamed the "Dragons", is a United States Air Force fighter squadron having been established in 1943.


In TF-77, They are a Wing that Flies the A-10CII in CAS and strike roles in coordination with other ground and air assets. Dive deep into the A-10 and its complex systems with the help of our instructor pilots.

357th FS is currently run by LtCol "Static" Sugii (CO) and (TDB) (XO).


Available Slots and Requirements

Slots Available

  • 20 Full-Time F-16C Pilots

    • Minimum of 50% attendance

    • Qualified pilots can dual-qualify on other airframes within the Task Force. 


    • Members that cannot make 50% of our Tuesday/Thursday training nights will be transferred to RESERVE status. Reserve pilots are always welcome to continue flying with the Squadron and the wing. 

357th Fighter Sq Logo Jet.png

Membership Requirements

  • Minimum age of 18 

  • Regular attendance on Tuesday and Thursday training nights at 2000 PST/2300EST

    • Life comes first. If you cannot attend for any reason, all we ask is that you notify your squadron leadership via the Leave of Absence channel. You will never be penalized for missing a night if you put in an LoA

  • Willingness to self-study, read provided materials, and schedule times with Instructor Pilots  

  • Fortitude to sit through dad jokes, adult humor, and assorted shenanigans

  • Hands-on Throttle and Stick (HOTAS)

  • Head-tracking solution OR a Virtual Reality headset

  • Ability to use Discord and SRS (or at least willingness to learn)

  • Ownership of the Syria, Persian Gulf, NTTR and F-16 modules

Apply to the Squadron

If you meet these requirements, use the following link to join our Discord and use the command "v.apply" and follow the in chat prompts to fill out an application.

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